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Tuesday, 12 January 2010


This was a mini-adventure!

We were told to be there for paperwork by 8.10am. By 8.30 I was officially annoyed, as we were standing outside in the freezing cold with a distinctly unwell Caleb.

Finally got let in and Nan sat Caleb on a chair.
Caleb said to Nan- "Do you hate Caleb?"
"No", she said, "I love Caleb."
"Then no orange chair. Caleb only likes green!" So, quick chair swap.

The nurse put a cream on the back of his hand covered with a bandaid (to numb the skin for an injection). When bandaids go on, they do not come off. Bandaids are for life. But nurses know best!

LUckily that nurse only dealt with induction. The rest of them were brilliant!
Got in to meet the guy who was going to knock Caleb out who said due to possible epilepsy, they wouldn't use an injection (which stays in the system longer) anyway, so off comes bandaid, the screams echoed for blocks.

Absolutely no problem knocking him out, he didn't mind the mask. About 9 minutes later, they came and fetched me as again screams echoed down the block lol.
"Usually we don't let parents in until the patient is in recovery room," the nurse said "But Caleb is clearly upset."

45 minutes later they FINALLY let us leave, having failed to get him to walk, count or touch his nose.

He spent the day on the couch with his DS... and no tears since leaving the dentist! :) I'm SO proud of him, he was a fantastic boy!

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