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Friday, 15 January 2010


Follow the roads, paved by your imagination
The addiction, the constant aggravation
And the knowledge of the ever-falling nation
This wall is your haven? It’s rubble!

Turn on your heel, turn back to face front
And grasp, grope, gather all you want
Thought they stood behind you, but they don’t
Nor for a cause that much more noble

Knowing that what is right is wrong is right
Everyone wins, loses, learns how to strike
So evil glinting earnest, ever brainwashed polite
To breach the opposition, just flatter

To holler ‘Fate, I am not yet done here, heed!’
The demons within your sorrow head, freed
For the God-given right to lust and love and need
When death is your time, did you matter?

The beast in your mind is half tiger, half bear
And still half a creature that knows not to care
Pressed forward to fight yet exploited unaware
You resent both the cause and the halter

It is most often, you’re found in great halls on one knee
When the cause you defend is that of a king
Yet six hundred roamers separated would flee
To three hundred who bow but won’t falter


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