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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Of Snow and Swine Flu (Jabs)

Caleb was fine going to school today, which is rare. Then two hours later I had to fetch him because odd white stuff that British people are terrified of was falling from the sky. It gathered on the sidewalks and if someone was not careful, they might fall over and get hurt, which NEVER happens in the rain.

So I fetched Caleb home, the snow stopped, the sun came out and melted it all and that was that. The council is all out of salt/grit, hence the terror of the general public. Even Andrew came home!

Its below 45 degrees, we're all going to DIE! Or we COULD just put chains on our tires, invest in decent four-wheel vehicles and carry on pretty close to normal. Or I could just move back to America, which would probably make a great deal of British people a LOT happier.

Caleb had a swine flu injection at quarter-to-four today. Its now 6pm, and so far, so good. No pain, no calpol and no more moody than usual. That's him.

My neck and legs hurt, I feel sick and I have a headache. The GP receptionist asked for my date of birth to book me in for the Swine Flu injection and I could not remember it. Now everyone who wants to hang out with me tonight, form an orderly line and wait your turns!

I'm in for a hot bath!

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