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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Roll On, Normalicy

Are there profiles of autistic regression?

Caleb's behaviour has been brilliant over Christmas and New Year. There has been NO kicking, biting or hitting, minimal pushing and only a handful of meltdowns. I reckon its the break from school, which is just too much for him (and they know it, although they will never admit it).

BUT. But he's back to one or two word communication, from 'Caleb have juice now' to 'Me drink' or 'Caleb drink'.

The humming, noises and squeaks and squeals are back full-force, and the chanting random (often inappropriate) words.

Caleb will be five on the 12th. Occupational Therapist, Jim, from Clydach Hospital, says not to compare him to other five-year-olds. Or four-year-olds. Or three-year-olds.
I am meant to focus on all the progress he has made. He is, what his SALT calls, semi-verbal, often goes a whole day and night without any toilet accidents and has slowed down on the smearing.
Some kids I know are severe, and they daren't even dream about that amount of progress.

I am looking forward to school starting again. The longer they keep him in his current mainstream school, the worse he gets, and the more they can see that he needs a space at the Unit. Now. Or last year would be good.

Today I am going to the GP to talk about M.E. Perhaps she will say that I can try some kind of drug to feel more 'normal' but based on our last appointment, I doubt it. She seemed to know what she was talking about.

I have loads of phone calls to make today, to catch up from the last month of everything being closed! I better get to it.

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