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Sunday, 10 January 2010


This has definitely been one of the worst weeks for pain that I've had in a long time. My neck, shoulders, arms and legs are aching, painful and heavy, and Ibuprofen isn't helping. Stairs, hills and slopes are killing me. Sometimes, I can't do stairs unless I sit down and go up backwards one step at a time.

I feel rediculous. I'm 25 yrs old and all my friends are going to town on a Friday/Saturday night, at the very least staying up late and chatting on FB. Andrew has taken over almost every night-crying thing with Caleb and Natalie both. He is talking about giving up work. I am telling myself this is just a very bad week, because if this was forever I don't know what I would do. It has been coming to this for a while, it started with just tiredness, and now, all this. I don't know what to do with myself. Sitting hurts. Laying down hurts. Standing hurts.

Caleb is having a tooth out under General Anesthetic tomorrow morning. He has a huge abscess that the dentist couldn't drain because they couldn't hold him. Andrew will be in work, as usual. He has not taken a single day off since my dx. Thank God I have friends. Social Services were supposed to ring me by the end of last week to tell me what they were going to do for us. No news.

If I cannot care for my children, who will? Andrew can't be left with them as he has no common sense and can't cope with Caleb at all. Andrew can't even be left on his own for any amount of time because he will not eat, bathe or dress.

I am going to try another bath. God, please at least make this pain go. Everything else I'll take as it comes.

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